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From passion to music .. That’s where my musical road has started, which has been going on for over a dozen years!
You’ve probably heard about it, to do what you love in your life – because it’s the most important thing.
Therefore, welcome to my website, where you will have the opportunity to meet me!

DJ Crackers



About me

I’v been interested in music since my early age. I started my first active contacts in it as a minor boy and it continues to present day.
No! I am not bored! That’s probably why I’m still doing it.

The first recordings (on the cassette tape), the first discos, the first guitar chords, the first concerts I was on, or the first performances I’ve ever had myself, the first contacts with the audience – all these situations have made up my rich experience that I can fully and consciously use today to make your reception a hot party that you will remember!

They say that I am an expressive and romantic guy, so I do not have a problem to understand my role. I am a person who understands well your expectations about your dream event and I can also catch a spontaneous contact with your guests and infect them with my spontaneous temperament, so that the dance floor will be the center of a crazy party!


Party with DJ Crackers

Whether you are planning a big event or a small family party, I am ready to listen to your vision about the scheme and course of the event. From my side I also help in determining some details and we can plan all the elements of your event step by step.

A special example of it will be the organization of the wedding.

My role on such a situation is not only the handling of equipment behind the DJ’s stand, but also the care for the proper course of the event and the announcements related to each element that takes place at such a party.

So a wedding is more than just music, although I love it.

I offer you:

contact with guests from the moment of entrance to the reception venue
● common toasts, or spontaneous comments on the funny situations in the venue
● integration games
● wedding games – previously agreed with the organizers
● amusement with original and legal recordings
● announcements and contact with your guests in English or German
● sound and lighting equipment

Similar support is also useful when organizing integration events, corporate events, etc.